Radar Circles, Spiritual Energy, and Sacred Peace

© January 24, 2000, Revised November 2000 ~ Brighton, Colorado

by Stephanie M. Schwartz

Author's Note:  In January, 2000 the grassroots Lakota Oyate occupied the Reservation Headquarters building on the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Reservation in protest of graft and corruption in tribal affairs, with the hopes to resolve many issues in conflict, and in an effort to help all their People.  Almost immediately thereafter, strange Doppler Radar anomalies were observed on numerous weather maps (both animated and still shots).  These readings were observed very often for the first six months of occupation and still continue to this day in November, 2000, albeit less frequently.  They are always of the same significant, defined pattern.  This article was written in January at the first sightings but there has been nothing of note occur or other explanation offered that has persuaded the author of any other cause.  The only development has been that these same patterns have now occasionally been observed over other American Indian Reservations.  Nowhere else except over Reservations.

I am merely an old woman of small scientific education.  However, my original thought when viewing (at the CyberSpaceOrbit.com Website) the Doppler Radar readings over the Pine Ridge Reservation which showed the electromagnetic disturbances was that their circular configuration was highly similar to the Lakota Sacred Hoop of Life.  I am even more convinced now that my initial observation is correct.

At this place, during this occupation of the Tribal Headquarters Building, you have a number of Sacred Pipes [Sacred C'anunpa] being used with great intent and intensity by the Lakota Elders, Holy People, and Medicine People aimed towards the peaceful resolution and harmony amongst, and for, The People.  The Lakota are known for their extremely strong spirituality and their dedicated Pipe Carriers.... and the Sacred Pipe's greatest power is that of peace.

The primary commonality between all paths and spiritualities is that the spiritual work and skills/gifts utilize the universal energy which we and everything in the universe are made of.... electromagnetic energy.  Therefore, it only seems logical to me that with that much intense work going on, the electromagnetic fields would most certainly be affected.

I have been told, by someone far more knowledgeable than I, that if this were merely an atmospheric anomaly it would move on past with the air flow rather than simply sitting there right above the Reservation.  Furthermore, if it was being directed by artificial means it would appear as a lightning bolt rather than the precise circular pattern with spokes that it forms and reforms.

It is an unfortunate state of our modern age that the understanding of these issues is so limited.  Where our government and most of the major governments of the world routinely experiment and attempt to manipulate electromagnetic energy in ways similar to the manner which mystics use, the ordinary person in our culture today is totally ignorant of the actual scientific data behind many of the issues they routinely consider superstition.  Even more, the average person seems to have lost and/or thrown out the wisdoms of the ancients which could aid in their understanding.

Certainly gifts are gifts, and this does not cast doubt or impugn any spirituality whatsoever.  And when the gifts are practiced and refined they rise to the level of skills.  It is my honest belief as a lifelong spiritual person, from a long family line of spiritual people, that one day quantum physics, hyper physics, and other scientific disciplines will be able to clearly detail the basic mechanics of mysticism and mystic skills versus true spirituality.

Once that is accomplished, all the paths of spirituality may have a chance to truly see where the line is crossed from the mechanics into the true Divine and understand their many commonalities while celebrating and respecting each other's diversity.  Harmony and peace for all peoples (the promise of the Sacred Pipe) will have a chance to succeed.  But until that happens, we can only hope that respectful dialogue, learning, and a willingness to expand one's awareness coupled with active work for peace and understanding will suffice.

In the meantime, I believe you are seeing, quantified and detailed in front of your own eyes, the effects of sincere, serious spiritual ceremony in progress.  We can truly hope and pray it succeeds to the fullest, and allows the Lakota to shine as a beacon to all mankind as to what can be achieved through the power of the Sacred Pipe and sincere Hearts.

Mitakuye oyasin....We Are All Related.  What happens here affects us all.   -steph
Stephanie M. Schwartz  SilvrDrach@aol.com   1-24-2000

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