Re: Virgin Birth of White Buffalo Calf and Black Buffalo Calf in Pennsylvania

Message from Uqualla
Traditional Spiritual Advisor, Wisdom Keeper, and former Chief of the Havasupai Nation
Grand Canyon, Arizona
November 01, 2007

Edited by:
Stephanie M. Schwartz, Freelance Writer
Member, Native American Journalists Association (NAJA)

While in the desert these past days, I was informed of this powerful spiritual event and was told by Spirit that this information would be coming soon.  These two buffalo [in Pennsylvania] are from Creator and they are virgin births.

That this has happened on the East Coast is significant and the meaning will be revealed in time.

These two sacred four-leggeds were brought by Spirit for the benefit of all mankind.  It is highly significant that one is black, one is white, that one is male, one is female.

This is the balance of all things. Neither is more than or less than.  All are equal. Woman is not more than man and man is not more than woman.

This is the message to all humanity: to come again to a spiritual path.

There is no one belief, no one Way being the only Way.  We must each come again to our own Way.  The spiritual DNA is in all of us and that needs to be re-awakened.

It is not for one Nation or one People or one place.  This is for all mankind, worldwide.

It is also time for the indigenous people to resume their birthright as caretakers of this earth. Because of this, the information needs to be released under the advice and counsel of many spiritual leaders of all mankind from around the world.

These are virgin births to a recognized four-legged which are sacred and respected and known to many people.  They have come so that we may understand, again, the responsibility given to each and every one of us to begin to live again in this good way.

The way of the First Nations’ People is being spread worldwide.  Many prophets are not listened to in their own countries yet their message is accepted elsewhere. Now, the message of understanding is being passed to all Nations.

This is a message of peace for all mankind; for the world.

This is what I was told.

Now, I have shared the message with you.  Hongyuo. It is good.