Re: Virgin Birth of White Buffalo Calf and Black Buffalo Calf in Pennsylvania

Statement from Charles Chipps,
Traditional Lakota Spiritual Leader
Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota
November 13, 2007

Edited by:
Stephanie M. Schwartz, Freelance Writer
Member, Native American Journalists Association (NAJA)

In the beginning there was Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery/Creator, and there was Tatanka, Buffalo. Wakan Tanka is the image of man. Tatanka is the image of the people.

The Spirit, the great one, Tunkasila [Grandfather], has come into these two buffalo that have been born at the Woodland Zoo.

This is Sacred Life.  A new beginning and I am very happy about these things.

These things are real. We, as individuals, must come to an understanding of what this means to us personally. We must, again, begin to understand “Mitakuye Oyasin”, [All My Relations]. We were created as humans to serve each other by helping the Creator.  In helping the Creator, we serve the People.

The People are the Tatanka, the Buffalo.  The Tatanka, the Buffalo, are the People.
[n.b.: The Lakota People were originally known as the Tatanka Oyate, The Buffalo People.]

These Tatanka are meant to right the wrongs of today’s society. When the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe was brought and the Spirit that brought that sacred prayer Pipe left the People, she rolled four times and became the White Buffalo. This was a new beginning for the People.

The births of these two buffalo are a new beginning.  Every day is a new beginning, a chance to start again.

Many sacred things are happening across this country, especially on the East Coast. Many ceremonies need to be conducted: Ceremonies of gratitude, Wopila (thank you) Ceremonies, and the Giveaway.  As Wakan Tanka has given us these two buffalo, we must give. These sacrifices are good. Give for the People. Give to the People. Tunkasila will help us in that way.

No other could have brought these two. This is unbelievable; therefore it must be from Tunkasila. So, it must be a miracle.  These Spirits are not from this world.  They are like the Inyan Oyate, the Stone People, and of the Spirit World.  They are of the Wakinyan Oyate, the Thunder People, who bring the lightning, the same lightning that strikes the people and turns them into Heyoka, Sacred Clowns. These two are the lightning.

If you take away a man’s coffee, his caffeine, he gets angry.  If you take away his alcohol, he gets angry.  Man has learned to rely only on the things made by man. These things were not made by the Creator. It is time to again rely on the things given by the Creator. The animal nations get wiser, stronger as they grow older. Humans get weaker.

What are we doing?  Or not doing?

We, the indigenous people, never had trouble with other countries. We did not cross the ocean and conquer other indigenous people. We did not bring a new religion and way of life, demanding all must follow that way.  In 2007, there is much trouble.  The government seems against the People.  There are many illnesses.  The food is poison, as is the air, the water. Many are sick and dying. These two have come for this.

The White Buffalo Calf C’anunpa was gifted by Spirit for man to use for the People.  It is now time to use that C’anunpa.  It is time to pray with the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe.  It is time to unlock the White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

The C’anunpa, the sacred prayer pipe, was gifted first to the Lakota People.  Now, everyone uses it.  There are many sacred items that were gifted to each Nation.  Now all those things are used by everyone.  Now, we must be genuine when we pray with these things.  We must be authentic.

Spirituality is a ceremony in and of itself.  This is not a religion; it is a way of life.  We must be grateful for the truth, the truth of the Creator, not man’s truth. The sun never sleeps, as in the Sundance.  So we must dance the Sundance.  Make prayer ties.  Use only pure cotton, all natural materials. Black, Red, Yellow, White. These are the colors of man.  Blue, Green, these are the colors of Earth.

Yet all are red inside, everyone, everything. We are all red inside. This never changes. Stay young in your heart.  If we continue to live in this good way, this will be our living prayer.

Tatanka is a living prayer. These two buffalo are a living prayer. That is all I know.  We must look at ourselves. Do not be sad when someone dies. They have returned to the Creator and this is a good thing.

We Native People are like a bundle of sticks. Together, that bundle cannot be broken. But, if we stand alone, one stick, we are easily broken. We must stand together, as one: together as one Nation, one People.  If we do this, we cannot be broken.

Continue the sweat lodge.  Continue the prayers.  Come early to Sundance.  It is only 4 days out of 365 days.  But tomorrow is a new day.  Lower the sweat lodges to 45 inches high.  Make the sweat lodges wider, as much as 12 feet across.  Dig the pit deeper so you can use more stones.  Use a bigger dipper to pour more water. Use a bigger bucket to use more water. Use only pure red willow in the C’anunpa.

We are all human.

Hec’etu yelo, I have spoken this.  Waste' yelo, It is good.

Charles Chipps