Stephanie M. Schwartz
P.O. Box 576
Firestone, CO 80520-0576
     Phone: 303-833-6520

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Personal Information:
Maiden Name:  Cornelius
Place of Birth:  Denver, Colorado
Date of Birth:  1947

Family Information:
One honors university-student daughter

Educational Information:
1965Graduated with Honors,
Abraham Lincoln High School - Denver, Colorado

1965-1967Northwestern University - Evanston, Illinois
1967-1968University of Denver - Denver, Colorado

1970-Present Numerous university and professional classes

1998Ordained, Universal Life Church (a non-denominational organization)
1998Doctor of Divinity, Universal Life Church

Work History:
1966 - 1986:
Twenty years experience managing hotels in Colorado ranging in styles from luxury hotels to mountain lodge as well as independent trouble-shooting/consultant positions for numerous independent hotel owners.  Three years as Business Administrator for St. Mark's Episcopal Parish.  Five years experience self-employed in real estate sales and as a successful independent land-planning consultant which necessitated heavy public relations with local citizenry as well as proficiency working with various Denver City and County agencies.  Held a valid Colorado Real Estate Sales License for many years.

As a volunteer, spent several years researching Denver/Colorado history and architecture and successfully working with proposals to the Denver Landmark Commission, Denver City Council, and related City and County agencies.

1986:  Retired on Social Security Disability due to Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.

1986 - 1996:  Volunteer Work:
Participated in various community volunteer capacities.  Girl Scout Leader for three years; Secretary/Member, Board of Directors, for a townhome Homeowners' Association for two years.  Wrote and produced numerous newsletters, business documents, and resumes for professional friends.  Creator and Coordinator of a community Outreach Program at a private school in Littleton, Colorado for two years just prior to moving to Brighton, Colorado in August, 1996 (this was an organization to help families in crisis and necessitated working discreetly and closely with School, Parish, and community leaders and agencies as well as the involved families).

1998 - Present:  Volunteer Work:
*  Counselor, lecturer, and mediator between cultural traditions since 1996

*  Volunteer to the World Peace and Prayer Day non-profit organization and Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota Siouxan Nations 1999-2003

*  Host and moderator of an AOL member chat room dealing with traditional philosophies and cultures from around the world 1997-2000.

*  Volunteer author and/or webmaster for websites relating to indigenous traditional cultures, information, and charitable activities.
Wambli Ho, Voice of the Eagle:  2001-2006  Wambli Ho News Archives
Miracle's Website:  2001-Present 
Miracle's Second Chance:  2006-Present
Link Center Foundation:  2006-Present
He Ska Tokala Sobriety Society:  2006-Present
Thurman Horse, Lakota Artist:  2006-2009
Kanasita Foundation:  2006-2008
Chief Arvol Looking Horse:  2001-2003

*  Volunteer Editor and Correspondent, Wambli Ho, Voice of the Eagles ( and its Wambli Ho News), a Colorado non-profit Native American internet news organization 2001-2006.  Wambli Ho News Archives

*  Member, Board of Advisors, Native Village Publications 2004-Present.  This is an award-winning internet Native American educational and news non-profit resource.

*  Contributing author to the book, Have You Thought of Leonard Peltier Lately?
by Harvey Arden  ISBN 0-9754437-0-4  and

*  Volunteer for Dreamkeepers, an organization promoting the recording and publishing of indigenous wisdoms from around the world.  Founded by the author, Harvey Arden 2002-2005.

*  Co-coordinator and/or assistant for various indigenous gatherings since 2001

*  Freelance and volunteer writer, editor, and poet since 1982.

*  Contributing author to national and international news organizations such as Country Road Chronicles, Native American Times, Lakota-Dakota Journal, Well Nations Magazine, Namaste Magazine, Sacred Hoop Magazine, etc.

*  Volunteer for winter holiday toy drives for the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Reservation since 2002.  These toy drives were originally initiated by Wambli Ho News and the He Ska Tokala Sobriety Society and are currently continued by the Kanasita Foundation.

*  Volunteer for heat and utility assistance program for the Elders of the Lakota Reservations of South Dakota sponsored by Link Center Foundation since 2005.

*  Volunteer editor for indigenous writers and elders since 2001.

*  Volunteer to traditional leaders and elders of the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota Reservation of South Dakota since 2001.

*  Volunteer President and Member of the Board of Directors for the Colorado non-profit organization, Link Center Foundation, since 2005.