Grassroots Non-Profit Assistance Programs
for the Lakota Siouxan Nations

Link Center Foundation
Headquartered in Longmont, Colorado
Active on the Pine Ridge and other Lakota Reservations of South Dakota
Audrey L. Link, Founder
The Link Center Foundation is a small grassroots 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization with numerous projects which include a heat assistance program for the elders, sick, and disabled of the South Dakota Lakota Reservations.  The Foundation also supports Native Village Publications, an award-winning educational and news resource, as well as supports the work of artisans from the Pine Ridge Reservation, winter holiday toy drives for the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Reservation, and the work and projects of other non-profit organizations.  All members of this organization are unpaid volunteers.
Note:  Upon the death of LCF Founder, Audrey Link, in September 2008, Stephanie M. Schwartz became the volunteer President and Director of Link Center Foundation.

Seven Fires Foundation
Bandon, Oregon - Reno, Nevada - Seattle, Washington
Tammy Van, Director
Numerous Lakota projects and assistance programs including
Lakota Project l & II

Pathways to Spirit, Inc
Fort Collins, Colorado
Carmeen Klausner, Director
A 501c3 non-profit organization with numerous assistance programs for Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations including clothing, furniture, heat, mobile homes, and a new children's library and museum for the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Billy Mills Foundation
2550 Huntington Avenue, Suite #200 Alexandria, VA 22303-1499
Numerous assistance programs on the Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Sioux Reservations of South Dakota

Other Respected Organizations

He Ska Tokala Sobriety Society
Headquartered in Mni Sa, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation
Gary Christensen, Director 
He Ska Tokala is an indigenous organization promoting and supporting sobriety and the education of language, traditions, and traditional herbology as well as supporting philanthropic projects for the Lakota Nations.

Lakota Funds
Native American Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)
Dr. Dowell Caselli-Smith, Executive Director
A community development organization actively promoting the socio-economic sustainability of the Oglala Lakota People of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Its culturally-appropriate strategies include micro loans for local artists and craft people, business loans, business and technical mentoring, personal finance and business classes and community workshops, technical assistance and targeted community and business development.

Respected Non-Profit Native American
Educational and News Resources

Wambli Ho News [Archives]
Wambli Ho, Voice of the Eagles - Brighton, Colorado
Stephanie M. Schwartz, Editor
Member, Native American Journalists Association (NAJA)
Wambli Ho, Voice of the Eagles was a Colorado non-profit internet news organization covering Native American news, specializing in Lakota issues from 2001-2006.  Also co-sponsored an annual winter holiday toy drive for the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Reservation and supported other philanthropic and educational works for the Lakota Nations.

Native Village News ~ Native Village Publications 
Toledo, Ohio
Gina Boltz, Director and Editor
Member, Native American Journalists Association (NAJA)
Native Village News is a Native American Internet News and award-winning educational resource website for Native youth, teens, adults, families, educators, and schools. Native Village is also a supporter of other organizations' assistance and/or educational programs throughout North America.

NDN News
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Tamra Brennan, Editor and Director 
Internet News on Native American Issues and Causes.  Supporter and resource for other organizations' Native American assistance programs.

Cokan Tiospaye Owayawa
Porcupine, South Dakota
Carolyn Tail, Director
An innovative, community-based Lakota vocational school for high school drop-outs on the Pine Ridge Oglala Reservation in South Dakota.  This school offers courses in life skills as well as development of vocation and trade skills in areas of interest to the students, with the objective of developing self-sufficiency as the main goal.  The school also houses the Reservation’s only children’s library created by the Colorado non-profit organization, Pathways to Spirit.

Lakota Educational Initiatives
Lakota Sioux Indian Outreach, Inc.
Cynthia Day Getchell, Director
Mary Martin, Co-Director
An all volunteer non-profit organization established for the benefit of the Lakota People in the interest of preserving Lakota language and culture for generations to come.  The primary focus is literacy and education on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations in South Dakota.  This organization also provides the John Around Him Memorial Scholarship for high school seniors who demonstrate commitment to their communities and Lakota values.

Wolakota Foundation
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Arvol Looking Horse and Paula Horne, Directors
A grassroots non-profit organization emerging from the needs of traditional Lakota (Dakota/Nakota) people to maintain their cultural and spiritual lifeways for the sake of future generations. Since it's inception, the organization has sought to promote and protect as well as educate others about
the traditional values and wisdom of Indigenous People.  The Foundation also sponsors World Peace and Prayer Day events each June, Memorial Rides, and other projects.